Be Kind to your Mind

We all have it.  That critical voice inside that says ‘you should have gotten more done today’ or ‘you should have been more patient with your daughter.’ I have such a tough time catching myself in the act, but I’m getting there.

The remedy?  Self compassion.  Kristin Neff, author and speaker on the subject is also the founder of the website  She describes it as “when you are kind and understanding when confronted with personal failings.”  If only, am I right?!?

Here’s her exercise:  The next time you’re beating yourself up or feeling emotional pain, take your two hands, put them over your heart and talk to yourself as you would a good friend: Say “This is hard,” or “you are doing exactly enough,” or “you will get through this.”

It felt weird and cheesy when I first tried it, but I swear it works.  Just steer clear of needing self- compassion while ordering a sandwich. #Awkwardpublicselfgroping.


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