Your Manifesto

A manifesto is a written statement declaring who you are.

I want you to create a manifesto for yourself.

A few years ago I had a thought while picking my kids up from school. “I would love to become part of THAT group of women friends over there.” Not 6 months later I was. Part of that group. Yes, I made it happen by inviting them all snowshoeing, but without identifying the desire, I never would have put it into action.

“Wow, I think I manifested my current career,” my friend Rachel exclaimed to me one night. “I was at a conference at my job (at a local hospital) and I was asked to write down my dream job.  A year later I was working at a functional medicine clinic DOING EXACTLY what I DREAMED UP with the people I dreamed up.” If you take notice, you’ll see this all around you.

Here’s what you do.  List out your life as you want it with as much detail as you can conjure. But write it AS IF IT’s ALREADY HERE.  It might start something like: “I’m grateful for the amazing relationship I have with my mother-in-law because we are kind to each other and respectful of our differences, and can joke around with each other…” plus all the other wonderful aspects of your life you wish would happen. Put this manifesto in your phone.  Any time you have a second, read it to yourself. With feeling. With the believe that it’s already your life.

I wrote one about 6 months ago and I’d say 90% of it has come to fruition.

Please send me your thoughts on this topic.  Prove me wrong. Prove me right.  I’m fully interested in what may surface for you.

One thought on “Your Manifesto

  1. I did it- great idea among other things, it helps to clarify thinking and feel like you you have some idea of what you want and what you are doing to get it. Thanks!


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